The Gas Pipeline

A new gas pipeline is needed to bring natural gas from the gas network to the power station site.  Natural gas is the same gas that is used in many homes for heating and cooking.  To provide this gas to the power station we are proposing to build  a new underground pipeline which will be up to 60cm in width. The pipeline will connect the power station to an existing national transmission gas pipeline 8km away, close to the village of Gateforth.

Initially we looked at three different route options for the pipeline.  During Consultation Stage 1 we asked local people what they wanted and:

 – 41% of people said they had a preference for route 1.

– 11% of people said they preferred route 2

– 7% of  people preferred route 2a

– 41% of the questionnaires didn’t give a preference.

The pipeline will be buried along its full length. The only visible features during the operation will be the Above Ground Installation and gas marker posts.

Gas Pipeline Route

Following Consultation Stage 1, we refined our route selection. The proposed gas pipeline route takes a northerly exit from the CCGT power plant site, crossing under the Aire and Calder Navigation Canal and the A645 (Weeland Road). Trenchless construction techniques such as Horizontal Directional Drilling will be used to cross large water bodies and other significant features along the route, such as the canal and Weeland Road.

The gas pipeline route then turns north east and continues towards Kellington. Before reaching Kellington, the route veers north to cross under the River Aire and then continues north east towards Gateforth.

Our gas pipeline will connect to the National Grid Gas National Transmission System (NTS) south of Gateforth, adjacent to Tom’s Wood. At the connection point an Above Ground Installation (AGI) will be constructed. The AGI will be a fenced area of approximately 0.2 hectares containing above ground pipework and a small number of kiosks. The AGI will be screened by Tom’s Wood and Knottingley Power Ltd will plant additional screening.

Works Plan

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