Transport and Access

As part of the Development Consent Order application, Knottingley Power undertook a detailed Traffic Assessment (TA) in order to assess the potential impact that construction and operational traffic may have on the local highway system. The Traffic Assessment was undertaken in conjunction with local authorities to ensure that all significant effects were taken into account.


During construction there will be an average of 400 staff on site, with up to 1,100 during the peak construction period.

This will create around 470 vehicle arrivals in the morning and 470 departures in the evening during the peak construction period.

It is estimated that on average 72 HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) deliveries will be needed each day during the peak construction period and these deliveries will be spread over the 12 hour shift period.

This means that there will be approximately 12 HGV movements per hour (over the 12 hour shift) ie 6 HGVs arriving on site and 6 HGVs leaving site.

The additional HGVs are equal to an increase of approximately 1% in HGV traffic from existing levels.

Construction workers will arrive on site between 6am and 7am in order to miss the morning rush hour.

Construction workers will leave the site between 7pm and 9pm thereby missing the evening rush hour.


Once built, the plant will be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There will be approximately 50 operational staff, half of whom will work 8am to 5pm and the remainder will work in shifts.

It is anticipated that there will be between 2 and 5 light goods vehicle deliveries per week for consumables.

Bus stop at Common Lane

A number of people enquired as to the future of the bus stop. Following discussion with the bus company, the stop will be located at the island on Weeland Road and will circulate around the island onto Weeland Road. Some local people were concerned that the bus stop might be removed altogether, this will not be the case.

Pedestrian access across the site

Access to the site will be restricted for safety reasons. ¬†However, a new 10 metre wide canal corridor will be provided in line with Wakefield Council’s Local Development Framework. Once construction of the power station is completed, this canal corridor will be opened for pedestrians.

Use of the canal during construction

Knottingley Power Ltd. has made provision to upgrade the existing wharf adjacent to the site as part of the Development Consent Order application. It is expected that material and equipment can be delivered by canal. This will be subject to further discussion with the Canal and Rivers Trust.

Improvements to Common Lane

As part of the Development Consent Order application, Knottingley Power Ltd. is seeking consent to upgrade Common Lane and make improvements to the junction with Weeland Road. These improvements will improve road safety.