Landscape and Visual

Modern CCGT power stations are substantially smaller in size, require less space and have less of a visual impact than traditional fossil fuel power plants. As landscape and visual impact is often a key concern for local communities and stakeholders, the proposed CCGT power station will be designed to minimise the visual impact on its surroundings.

The main power station building will be approximately 40m high and the chimney stacks will be approximately 75m high. In collaboration with Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council we have selected 11 viewpoints taken from local residential areas, recreational locations and sites of a special local interest.

For each viewpoint we have created a photomontage showing how the station would look. The photomontages will inform the assessment of the project to ensure all significant effects are taken into account.  So far we have completed four photomontages which are shown below. Click on the images to enlarge.

Illustrative Viewpoint: A645 between Knottingley and Kellingley

Illustrative viewpoint A645 between Knottingley and Kellingley

 Illustrative Viewpoint: Kings Standard Hill, near Knottingley

Illustrative Viewpoint Kings Standard Hill Near Knottingley

 Illustrative Viewpoint: Beal

Illustrative Viewpoint from Beal

Illustrative Viewpoint: Springfields, Knottingley

Illustrative Viewpoint Springfields Knottingley