Local Environment

Knottingley Power is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our project, as well as to protecting the natural environment. As part of the Development Consent Order application, we worked closely with the local authorities, the Environment Agency, other government agencies, Natural England and local environmental groups and local people. We undertook a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the power plant and its associated infrastructure in order to consider any impacts that the project may have on the environment.

Ecology and Nature Conservation

We have undertaken a number of ecological studies on the power station site, along the gas pipeline route and at other areas affected by the project. Species assessments have included birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

The proposed site was found generally to have ‘species-poor’ habitats.  No evidence was found of badgers, and the existing structures and trees were not suitable for bat roosting.  Tree Sparrows, a red-list species, were recorded during our ecological surveys although our independent specialists concluded that there was no suitable breeding habitat for these birds. Measures will be taken to minimise the likelihood of disturbance, injury and mortality of all nesting birds in discussion with Natural England.

Great Crested Newts were found in water features on the site and discussions with Natural England all of the newts have been relocated away from the site to a dedicated sanctuary habitat.