Community Liaison Group

A community Liaison Group (CLG) has been created. The aim of the CLG is to provide a forum for discussion between the community and Knottingley Power in relation to the planning process, construction and operation of the power plant.

The members of the CLG come from a range of community groups, councils and associations. You can contact any of the members in order to find out more about the project or to submit questions that will be discussed at the next CLG meeting. Details of the members are given below. If you want to join the CLG then get in touch.

The Community Liaison Group has played a vital role in the Knottingley project to date and we are grateful for the involvement of the local community and stakeholders to date. The CLG will be utilised in future for any significant project updates or when the project is moving into the construction phase.

Membership of the CLG does not indicate support for the project.

Don Simpson     –      A.I.R.E.

Keith Westwood     –     Beal Parish Council

Deborah Austerfield     –     Birkin Parish Council

Stephanie Gilbert     –      Brotherton Parish Council

David Nicklin     –     Byram cum Sutton P.C.

Shaun Longley     –     Criddling Stubbs Parish Council

Ian Thompson     –     Darrington Parish Council

Gareth Mason     –     De Lacy Academy

Michael Senior     –     Eggborough Parish Council

Andrew Pound     –     Fairburn with Brotherton ward

Jack Crawford     –     Fairburn with Brotherton ward

Sue Kemmery     –     Gateforth Parish Council

Chris Pearson     –     Hambleton Ward

Mary McCartney     –     Kellington Parish Council / Eggborough ward

Stephen Hall     –     Knottingley Civic Society

Harry Ellis     –     Knottingley Ward Member

Glenn Burton     –     Knottingley Ward Member

Graham Stokes     –     Knottingley Ward Member

Nigel Adams      –     Member of Parliment

Yvette Cooper     –     Member of Parliment

Charlie Watson     –     NHS Wakefeld District

John McCartney     –     North Yorkshire County Council

PC Neil Himsworth     –     North Yorkshire Police (Fairburn with Brotherton Beat Manager)

David Fieldsend     –     Selby Chamber of Commerce

Andrew Choi     –     Wakefield Chamber of Commerce

Helen Monks     –    Wakefield District Primary Care Trust

Jeffrey Johnson     –     Wakefield District Primary Care Trust

Kate Thompson     –    Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Regeneration Team

Giles Bennett    –     West Haddlesey Parish Council

PC Charles Banks     –    West Yorkshire Police (Pontefract and Knottingley Ward Manager)

Joanne Dearing     –     Yorkshire Wildlife Trust