Community Consultation

We recognise that it is important to keep local communities informed of how our proposals are progressing, as well as listening to their views and opinions. We are committed to consulting and engaging with people living and working in the vicinity of the proposed project in order to:

  • Provide opportunities for people to make suggestions and influence the project as it develops
  • Provide information about the economic and social benefits and environmental impacts of the development
  • Keep the local community informed about the development;
  • Help local communities understand what the development means for them
  • Address and if possible, resolve concerns early
  • Give opportunities to local communities to meet and speak with the project team

During the preparation of the Development Consent Order application, Knottingley Power undertook a wide ranging and detailed consultation process with the local community and other key stakeholders. Details of this consultation are contained in the Consultation Report which is available to view and download on the Planning Inspectorate website here/.

Interested parties are recommended to check the website for updates or, alternatively, you can register your interest and be kept up to date with project news and events.

Two ‘Information Days’ have been held in 2017 to further engage with and update local stakeholders. These days have  been held at local venues and open to local  stakeholders to receive an update on the Knottingley project and raise any queries they  may have. We are pleased to have re-engaged with a large proportion of the area’s local councillors and also the relevant Members of Parliament. Knottingley Power Limited will continue to keep the community up to date on any significant progress or changes on the project as they arise.