The development of a new CCGT power station represents a long term commitment to Knottingley and the surrounding communities. The project will benefit the local economy and bring long term employment to the area.

During the three and a half year construction period it is envisaged that there will be:

  • Up to 1,100 jobs created during the peak construction phase
  • An off-site boost to local businesses such as restaurants, accommodation and other service providers
  • Opportunities for engineering contractors

Once construction is complete and the new CCGT power station is in operation, it is envisaged there will be:

  • Around 50 permanent skilled jobs for the 25 year operational lifetime of the power station
  • Ongoing engineering and service contracts
  • A source of affordable, secure and clean electricity supply for up to two million homes
  • Measures to help the local community as identified through consultation with local people